Dr. Ben Spiger

Dr. Ben Spiger, Dentist
Dr. Ben Spiger, Dentist
I grew up mainly in Colorado although moved 3 times in High School.  It was while in High School that interest in Dentistry began. It was this interest in Dentistry that brought me to Helena. With my desire for a strong pre-medical education and a smaller academic institution, I found Carroll College.

It was while at Carroll College that I defined my desire to serve and help others, met my wife and completed a Bachelor of the arts in Biology (with Chemistry and English minors). I was then accepted into the University of Washington School of Dentistry.

After graduation from dental school in 2004 my wife Kendra enrolled in Lutheran Seminary.  This took us many places and afforded me a chance to practice in many different environments.   I felt a strong desire to practice serving those most in need.  For that reason I took a position in a clinic in Austin Texas whose primary mission was to serve the uninsured immigrant population. The organizations name is Manos de Cristo.  I served her for 1 year before my wife transferred to Seminary in Dubuque IA.  In Iowa I spent 1 year practicing in a government funded public health clinic and 2 years practicing as an associate in private practice.  These 4 years prepared me for the next step and as my wife graduated from Seminary I was ready to buy a practice.

The call process for Kendra was going to be the determining factor in where we ended up settling.  It could have been any where in this great country and to our amazement and joy it was Helena.  We both loved Helena from our time at Carroll but neither ever imagined that we would be blessed enough to return.  Then fortune smiled on us again.  Once we knew Helena might be where we were headed I contacted every dentist in town.  Little did I know that in 2008 there were 5 other dentists that were going to move to Helena and I surely was the last to start planning the move.  But as my wife met with the Church I was contacted by Dr Keppler.  The rest as they say is history; it all worked out beautifully, Dr. Keppler retired in September of 2008 and I stepped into a wonderful practice.  A practice whose patients that had been wonderfully cared by by Dr. Keppler and his predecessor Dr. Lynn.
As we have made Helena our home we have enjoyed hiking, biking and have added two children to our family.  It is wonderful to tuly be a part of this community.

As I have practiced I remain an active member of the American Dental association, Montana State Dental Association, and Fifth District Dental Society.  I also participate in the Spear study club and continue to pursue advanced training and education focused of full mouth rehabilitation through the Scottsdale Center for Dentistry.

To this day I find nothing more rewarding than helping someone back to ideal health.  There is no shame in a mouth that needs extensive treatment.  We can't go back to change the past we can just make the choice to go forward and choose health.  I want to meet where you are and return you to dental health and your ideal smile.  The highest compliment I have been given is a patient who returns to say I find I smile a lot more.