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Teeth Grinding

Care of your new night guard.
At the delivery, we spent some time customizing the fit. The bite should feel even on initial contact and sliding or grinding motion should feel smooth and unobstructed.
Please wear your guard every night. Upon taking it out in the morning, your bite may feel slightly different. This should only last five to ten minutes.

  • Brush the guard with a damp toothbrush and store it in its case. You can always use denture cleaning tablets to remove more stubborn build-up on your guard.
  • We recommend that you avoid abrasive cleaners or bleach.
  • Your guard may be temperature sensitive so the dishwasher or other really warm places can distort it.
  • The guard is clear at insertion, but over time you will notice the plastic yellow and may see cracks.
  • In the strange, but true category, the number one reason I have to remake a guard is that a pet decided it is a good chew toy. So be careful if you have pets.
  • Lastly, if there are any concerns you have or adjustments that you feel might make your guard more comfortable, please let us know. If we can make the adjustments without altering the fit or functionality, we will because they only work if they are worn.
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