Root Canal

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Post-Procedural Care

For all root canals you will be numb. This numbness generally wears off in two to four hours. Once the numbness wears off it is normal to experience:

  • Some swelling at the injection sites this should resolve in two to four days
  • Some soreness of the jaw on opening and closing. This is caused either by the injection or because you were holding open for the duration of the appointment
  • The tooth should no longer be hot or cold sensitive but will be tender especially to biting pressure. This is due to irritation of the ligament and bone around the tooth. This normally get better in three days to a week.

Please take medication as prescribed by the doctor to manage soreness and infection. Once a root canal is completed it is crucial to have a crown placed on the tooth. Any tooth requiring a root canal has been significantly compromised either by decay or fractures and needs the protection and strength of a crown. Occasionally after a root canal the area above the tooth can become swollen. If this happens please notify us immediately!