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Post-Procedural Care

Pain Management
To manage discomfort as you heal, please take the medication that was prescribed for you before the anesthetic has worn off. Then continue to take the medication by the clock for the remainder of that day and the next.

Eating & Drinking
A nutritious liquid or soft diet is necessary for the first day. After that you can gradually progress to harder foods. Do not smoke or consume alcohol! Nicotine and alcohol damage the surgical site and severely inhibit healing. Do not suck liquids into your mouth with a straw. Do not spit forcefully.

Prescribed Mouth Rinse
On the second day we encourage you to begin to use the mouth rinse prescribed. Rinse with it twice daily as it is antibacterial and will speed the healing.

If you experience unusual pain, bleeding, swelling, or any special concerns, please call our office at 442-8062. Please don’t hesitate to call if you have a concern. We are here to help, and are happy to do so.